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Who We Are and What We Do

Our Work

The Recalled by Love Foundation is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, licensed 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to the safety, health, and happiness of felines and canines. Since our launch in 2017, we have been working hard to promote animal safety and raise awareness for circumstances of animal endangerment. More importantly, our foundation prioritizes animal population management through the trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return (TNVR) method. These measures also ensure that less animals are reproduced in high-risk areas. Using the TNVR method further reduces the number of dogs and cats surrendered to city shelters and provides natural population control, which furthers the safety and survival of wild felines and canines. At-risk animals are not released, but rehabilitated and adopted into loving forever homes. These pets include those that are sick, injured, and orphaned as wells as neonates (kittens and puppies). 

Volunteers to foster cats and dogs as wells as kittens and puppies are also critical to successful rehabilitation and adoption efforts. For those looking to adopt, providing a safe and loving home to an animal gives them a second chance at life. See how you can become part of the difference. Follow us on social media to keep up with our organization.

Since our start, the Recalled by Love Foundation has been partnering with local charities to expand our message and reach. We have also developed relationships with organizations such as the New Jersey Transit Corporation and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. These partnerships have been instrumental in the success of large-scale rescue operations near the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey.

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